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Southern Maryland Kitchen Remodeling Done Right!

Distinctive Kitchens and Baths by Truly Custom Homes has been doing kitchen remodeling in Southern Maryland since 1998.  We offer everything you might need for your kitchen remodeling project.  You can get started yourself by completing our Kitchen Remodeling Questionnaire.  This will give us a good starting place when you come for your first appointment with one of our design consultants.  Our professional staff will work closely with you throughout your entire kitchen remodeling process.  We will help you design your new kitchen or use your own design and then create a computerized design which can be used going forward. We obtain all permits for the work that we do, and use our own professional installation staff to perform the work.

  • Kitchen Cabinets, Haas Cabinets

    Beautiful cabinetry

    Distinctive Kitchens and Baths offers two great lines of cabinets, Haas Cabinets and Legacy Cabinets. These cabinet manufacturers offer everything from economy to high end lines of cabinetry.  There are many considerations in selecting the right cabinets for your new kitchen.  A few of these considerations include:
    • Cabinet Units for Corners

      When selecting your cabinet options for corners, remember that the simplest corner pieces cut off easy access to the corner because they butt one cabinet up against another.  Consider double door units with full access to the corner space or diagonal units with a larger door.  Other simple solutions would be to add a lazy susan, or slide out drawers for easy access to otherwise hard to reach places.
    • Check for Quality of Cabinet Drawers

      Cabinet drawers receive the most use, and therefore the most wear of any other part of your kitchen cabinets.  Look carefully at the construction of the drawers of the cabinet makers you are considering.  Check for quality in how the cabinet drawer corners are joined.If drawer guides and cabinet hinges are not adjustable - you should be able to fine-tune them with the cabinets in place - then you will likely run into problems later. With some frameless units, adjustable mounting hardware lets you re-level the cabinets even after you've installed them. Check that drawer glides allow full extension of drawers, and that doors and drawers are properly aligned.
    • Selecting the RIGHT cabinet line for you

      A kitchen designer can help you figure out how to make best use of your space. Here at Distinctive Kitchens and Baths, we recommend you complete the Kitchen Questionnaire to get you started on your kitchen remodeling by defining how you and others in your family currently use your kitchen.  We also help you determine what you think your future needs might be.  This will help us to zero in on improvements that can be made on your kitchen design.  For example, you might need a specialty area for cooking, or an extra-large dining area for entertaining guests. You may also need extra space in the form of pantries for storing bulk food purchases. All these needs should be taken into consideration to help weigh your options.
    • And then there's the cost

      The wide range of prices and styles can make buying cabinets a little tricky. But as long as you have your floor plan sketched out, personal style chosen, and budget considerations in mind, you should have no trouble getting a base price for appropriate standard cabinets. These prices are determined by the style of the doors and drawers, as well as the materials used in the construction of the basic carcass. But remember that each option and add-on will alter the original quoted price.
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  • Quartz Countertop

    Quartz Countertop

    Did you know when you go to sell your home, you may be able to recoup upwards of 80 percent of the cost of a major kitchen remodel? That's not to mention the fact that well-done improvements increases your home's curb appeal, making it more likely to sell -- and sell quickly. But, best of all, gorgeous kitchen countertops can transform the room from "just a place to cook" into a wonderful place to live.

    There are a lot of kitchen countertop options to choose from for remodeling your kitchen, depending on your budget, and your desired results.  Distinctive Kitchens and Baths offers a variety of choices including:

    • Laminate Countertops

      Laminate you say? Really - today's Formica is more durable than that material of yesteryear, and is available in a wide range of colors, patterns and finishes. You might be surprised!
    • Quartz Countertops

      Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in nature. Countertops made from it are very strong and durable. Quartz countertops are a manufactured composite made up of quartz embedded in a hard drying epoxy. The resulting material looks like stone and wears better than any other countertop material on the market. Engineered stone products get top marks for scratch resistance, heat resistance, and easy maintenance.  Distinctive Kitchens and Baths offers Silestone® and Zodiac® Quartz Surface Countertops.
    • Solid surface synthetics

      Acrylic countertops blend functionality with an attractive appearance. They can look like stone, but for a price that's just a bit higher than a high end laminate. If a solid synthetic surface is upbraided or scratched, it can be re-polished. Unlike a laminate that has a thin surface "finished" layer, solid surface countertops have a continuous thickness that can be buffed and resurfaced as needed. Distinctive Kitchens and Baths offers Corian® and Lexton® solid surface synthetic countertops.
    • Stone Countertops

      If you're replacing your old laminate or ceramic tile countertops with stone, you need to be sure that your cabinetry can support the additional weight.(Slabs range in weight from about 13 to 18 pounds per square foot, depending on the thickness of the material.)
      • Granite:  A natural material that will update your kitchen and add cachet to your interior decor, granite stands up to heavy use with excellent resistance to heat and cutting. It fares less well against inadvertent impacts, where it can chip or crack, and most granite has to be sealed regularly.
      • Limestone: On the plus side, limestone is heat resistant, but it's also a soft stone that's easily nicked and scratched. There's more bad news: limestone is very porous, which means that it's liable to stain over time. It does have minimal veining that creates a nice looking countertop, but with significant disadvantages. At prices from $60 to $100 per square foot, limestone is a pricy option when you consider the drawbacks.
      • Marble:  Although beautiful, marble is one of the least durable stones you can use in your interior design. It's liable to stress fractures and it's easily scratched. It also will begin to deteriorate when exposed to acidic substances like lemon juice or vinegar. It is somewhat heat tolerant, but not enough to make it a no-fuss choice near a stove or grill. Think of marble as strictly decorative (and it can be lusciously decorative), and keep it in low traffic areas like guest bathrooms, or light use areas like bake stations.
    • Concrete

      Currently touted as an eco-friendly choice for kitchen design, concrete countertops are gaining in popularity. They offer lots of options for dyeing and texturing. They have to be sealed periodically to keep them from staining, though, and they are susceptible to chipping and cracking. Coming in at $80 to $120 per square foot, concrete is a high-end choice with unique appeal.
    • Tile

      Tile is a classic countertop material that lends itself to lots of design styles. From a ruggedness standpoint, it's a mixed bag. Tile is heat and mar resistant, but it's prone to chipping and cracking. Discolored and deteriorating grout can cause difficulties, too. You can avoid some of these problems by sticking with quality ceramic and porcelain tile manufactured for heavy duty use and opting for a narrow-grout tile design, or a layout that uses dark instead of light grout.One growing trend is to tile over an existing laminate countertop to give a kitchen a fast makeover. It's a low cost option that can work for enterprising DIY-ers with tiling experience.
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  • electronic-touchless-kitchen-faucetFixtures to consider for your kitchen remodeling include lighting, sink(s), faucets and drawer/cabinet pulls to name a few.  Each selection needs to be made carefully based upon your kitchen use and needs.

    • Choosing Your Kitchen Faucet(s)

      Kitchen Faucet Location

      The first thing you need to do is decide where you want your faucet to be mounted - on the counter, or mounted to the wall.

      Counter (Deck) Mounted

      deck mounted faucet

      Deck Mounted

      • Most common option
      • More features and variety
      • Simpler installation

      Wall Mounted

      Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

      Wall Mount Faucet

      • Great for small kitchens
      • Easier sink cleanup
      • More industrial look

      Kitchen Faucet Size

      Once you figure out where you want your faucet, you need to consider all of the necessary sizing.
      • Consider how large the sink is?
      • How many basins does your sink have?
      • How large are your pots and pans? Will they fit under?
      • Will a pullout spray or side spray help you reach a larger sink?


      Make sure your spout will properly reach your entire sink. Use the spout reach and the faucet’s swivel range to figure out if the water stream will work. Also determine if the spout height is too high where it may cause splashing or too low where pots won’t fit.

      Number of Holes

      You will need to determine the number of holes you will need to mount your faucet. You may also need additional holes for side sprays, soap dispensers, hot water dispensers or air gaps.

      Minimalist Ideas

      • Single hole with pull down spray (1 hole)
      • Single hole with side spray (2 hole)

      The Works

      • Two handle faucet (3 hole)
      • Bridge faucet with side spray (4 hole)
    • Choosing a Kitchen Sink

      Kitchen sinks come in all forms and shapes. When considering your kitchen sink choices, keep in mind style, function and cost.  Once you have set your budget, the next, most important consideration is how you plan to use your kitchen sink.  Although style does play a part, the most important aspect of kitchen sink selection is to how you plan to use it.  Here are some things you should keep in mind:
      Kitchen Remodeling

      Undermount Sink

      Sink Material Options


      Material choices for modern sinks are stainless, enamel-coated cast iron, solid surfaces and composites.  If you have chosen granite or engineered stone for your countertops, stainless steel undermount sinks are recommended.  Undermount stainless steel sinks offer easy cleanup and are durable if you are tough on your sinks.  If you decide on stainless keep in mind that lower-gauge stainless steel makes for a better quality sink


      Enamel-coated cast iron are considered the prettiest of all sinks on the market today.  However, the enamel will show wear over time, so if you are hard on your sinks this might not be the best choice for you.

      Solid Surface

      If ease of cleanup is a priority, a solid surface sink that's an integral part of a countertop is a great option.  The undermount sink makes for easy cleanup, but there is still a joint where the sink is mounted to the countertop. While being by far the easiest cleanup, the solid surface sink can be prone to scratching  and chipping.  Minor scratches can be buffed out, but transferring hot pots and pans from stove or oven directly to the sink can also damage solid surfaces.


      The use of composite sinks is growing rapidly, but this category of sinks can cause some confusion as there are several different types.
      • Granite Composite The most durable sink on the market today is granite composite. Thanks to an extremely high density of rock particles at the sink's surface, these sinks offer superior scratch, chip and heat resistance.Granite-based sinks can be installed as undermounts, a much requested option in today's homes with granite countertops, and are available in many different color options and bowl configurations.
      • Quartz Composite With a typical combination of 70 percent quartz and 30 percent resin filler, quartz composites can resist everyday cuts, scuffs and dents and can easily stand up to harsh cleaning materials and liquids. However, these sinks are a step below granite-based sinks in terms of wear and durability.  Quartz composite sinks are available in a variety of colors. Since the color is uniform throughout, the material never loses its original color. Pots and pans can usually go right from stove to sink without causing damage.

      Number of Sinks

      Traditionally, kitchen sinks were double bowled because two sinks were needed to properly wash dishes.  Washing dishes has become a task normally performed by the dishwasher appliance, and usually only delicate and large items are washed in the sink.  It may make more sense to have a single over-sized sink bowl and one smaller sink bowl for your kitchen, especially if space is an issue.  If space is not an issue you may want to consider one over sized bowl and one standard sized bowl.
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  • Southern Maryland Kitchen Remodeling, Kitchen Flooring, Decorative Tile

    Natural stone tile lends warmth

    Your kitchen floor makes a statement in the style of your kitchen.  While your choice should encompass your needs, you have numerous choices to meet not only needs but style requirements as well.  Whether you choose stone or ceramic tile, wood, or vinyl, keep the following in mind:
    • Stone or ceramic tile is an great choice for heavy traffic areas. Ceramic tile is durable and available in assorted colors and styles with the option for decorative borders and designs.
    • Limestone is a natural stone that offers an Old World look. It's a porous material that must be sealed upon installation and then twice a year.
    • Cork is a durable, versatile material available in a variety of colors. It is water-resistant and reduces impact noise.
    • Wood has become quite a popular choice for today's kitchens. It feels good underfoot and creates a warm look. Today's prefinished wood floors withstand heavy traffic and water stains. High-pressured plastic laminates are an alternative that provide the same look for less money.
    • Vinyl or resilient flooring offers a variety of styles and colors in either tiles or sheets for those on a budget.
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